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Confidence Coaching

Let's be honest. We all need a push in the right direction sometimes.


I myself had help from life coaches, business coaches, therapists, spiritual teachers and so on to get to this point in my life.


Anyways, I believe that CONFIDENCE opens so many doors in life and the key is to remove your FEARS, your LIMITING BELIEFS and whatever you have been CONDITIONED to think.

Most of the time we waste time by procrastinating, .....saying what if's ,....thinking for others by worrying what they might think  bla bla,....



Let me tell you something, 90% of what I am doing is completely gained through my confidence and by cherishing the opportunity, rather than thinking if I am good enough.

With the help of my coaching I want to help you to know that you  ARE ENOUGH!!!


Whether you want to start a business, pursue a passion or a more meaningful career, feel more confident, or just generally move on from the past into a life you love, it all starts with you. Working with me is an investment into that.  


There are many areas that I cover and that I would like to help you with.

-Body Posture



-Holistic Wellness


-Business startup



-Yoni Wellness (Women Only)

-Vegan Diet 

-Removing Comparison habits


-Finding your passion

-Sensuality (Women only)



-Better relationships and friendships

-Gaining clarity and Life purpose

-Health and stress reduction

-Overcoming Fear


-Outer transformation to reflect your new gained inner transformation (will be working with professional stylists)


And If there are things where I feel that you could benefit more from a fellow coach, them I will put you in touch with them.



-Money Mindset

-Business Planning




Thank you for taking the time, and most importantly for being such an understanding and thoughtful person that you are.

The experience was unreal and way beyond what I thought. Talking to Lidia helped me to learn so much about so many things that were confusing to me and I needed help in general.

I can't wait for more sessions and learning from your experiences.


-Sara- Beautician

I started off having private sessions with Lidiaana at the dance school and then recently moved on to do the confidence coaching as I believe that I have to work on my mindset at the moment.


The sessions are so good for me and I feel so understood and she never judges me.

-Haben - Care Home

Great heart. Honestly one of the best people I have ever met. She told me that she invested a lot into becoming who she is and I can see that. To me she is super woman, she does it all and always smiles. I met her through her happy monday videos and then approached her about some love questions and she booked me in for a quick call. Best Investement ever.


-Candice- Sales Associate

My session with Lidiaana was EXTREMELY helpful in re-discovering certain aspects of my inner QUEEN. She was completely confidential and made me feel like I could be open and honest about my recent thoughts and decisions surround relationship issues that had left me perplexed ...... what I liked most was her advice that “abstinence doesn’t work for everyone” because that was / is real and not sugar coated. Sometimes as women / QUEENS we are held to unrealistic standards and expectations that fit OTHERS definition of a QUEEN me, a true QUEEN EXUDES FREEDOM AND FOLLOWS HER INTUITION and that could lead you down many, winding, exciting paths on this journey, darling 😘😘 ... in short, I highly recommend a session with Lidi!!!! 12 stars 😍😍!!


JJ - Artist

Lidiaana is absolutely amazing. The discovery call was so amazing that I instantly decided to book more sessions with her. She is so real and tells you about her experiences.

Thankful to have someone as talented as Lidi coaching me.

-Ruta- Retail

Book your discovery call

The discovery call is free of charge and lasts upto 15 minutes. It's usually done via Video Call, so that I can  listen to your needs.


During this call I will give you a glance of what I am planning to do with you



Languages available




Message Box: Please describe yourself in a couple of sentences.  Why do you want to be more confident? What  would you like me to help you with?

Out of the areas above, which ones resonate with you the most?


I will get back to you asap.

Thanks! Message sent.

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