December 16, 2017

February 17, 2017

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Do you know your happiness trigger?

December 16, 2017

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You are enough! Turn criticism into CONFIDENCE

December 16, 2017

Hello, my beautiful Queen,


How are you doing? How is your week so far?

Hope all is well.


Just a quick reminder, YOU ARE FABULOUS! ok? Good!


So I received this email yesterday from this Online University platform and I receive loads of emails every day and unfortunately, I don’t get to read them all. Most of the time, I star interesting emails and read them at some point between never and never LOL.


For some reason, I kept on seeing the same email every time I checked my Email inbox and I was like "Gurl, you gotta read this', so I did.


Soooooo, the following video is about the 3 types of criticism that affect our self-esteem and it gives you simple techniques to tackle each of them. 







After watching the video, I had 10 minutes to myself and wrote down all the things where I feel that I am criticising myself too much, constructive criticism I received and any negative criticism. 


I must say, criticising myself is the worst, you know the usual, ‘You could have and should have done A,b,c,d”, ‘Why didn’t you get the dance/singing gig?'etc.

But often I can take it a little too far and cross the line between honest self-evaluation, and be overly self-critical. 

After all that, I said to myself ''Lidi, you are enough!!!”. 


See, I know this, but sometimes I need to remind myself and today I want to remind you that you are AMAZING and that YOU ARE ENOUGH and learning how to react to negativity and criticism only helps YOU to grow,….so take it and GROW QUEEN ! It will only make you stronger and more confident.


And if you need a confidence booster then you know where to go. Shégitu is this week in Brixton and a sexy choreo is waiting for you.

I am also available for birthday/hen party bookings, private classes and loads more. Just tell me what it is that you need and I will let you know, If I can teach it.


Love you all, hope you are having a blessed week and hope to see you soon <3





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